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FlirtZ is a mobile/cell phone dating service. By using this service you agree to the following:

1. You are 18 years or older and u have the bill payers permission of the cell phone number you are registered with to use this service.

2. Your profile, including your photo will be made publicly available and other users will be able to initiate communication with you and FlirtZ has full permission to publish your profile and photo for public use.

3. You must be over the age of 18 to use FlirtZ and anyone under the age of 18 be found on this service, the administrators of FlirtZ has the right to remove that user and take any further action should it deem necessary.

4. Any adult user who knowingly enters a chat with a user that has admitted to being underage will be banned from the site and legal action may be taken.

5. Racism in any form will not be tolerated and racist users will be banned.

4. In the interests of safety as well as quality of service FlirtZ reserves the right to investigate and view the details and history of any account or user profile registered on FlirtZ.

5. FlirtZ will not accept any responsibility for the content of the communications between yourself and other users.

6. You agree to use FlirtZ in a manner that is consistent with the applicable laws and regulations of your country.

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7. You agree not to include any offensive, racist or sexist language as well as hate speech or any confidential info of any third person in your profile, pictures and/or communication on FlirtZ.

8. You agree not to engage in advertising, or solicitation of, other users to buy or sell any products or services through the site.

9. You agree not to express or imply that any statements you make are endorsed by us or the administrators of FlirtZ.co.za without our specific prior written consent.

10. You agree not to harvest, scrape or collect personal information about other users whether or not for commercial purposes, without their consent.

11. FlirtZ will not be held liable for any loss, harm or damage incurred by you as a result of using this service and that you agree to indemnify FlirtZ in this respect.

12. You take full responsibility for exchanging contact information with other users and with meeting or establishing contact with them and will not hold FlirtZ liable for any loss, damage or harm suffered as a result there from.

13. FlirtZ has permission to use your profile and photograph in its advertising and promotions.

14. FlirtZ and its affiliated companies may contact you with regards to promotions.

15. Errors will be billed for

16. We have the right to ban any user from using this service if we feel it is appropriate to do so. In such a case you will no longer be allowed to use the service and we will not carry on billing you.

Use of these services implies consent to these terms and conditions.

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